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Endo Pilot2

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Euro Biotechnologies

Euro Biotechnologies is a leading Medical and Dental Supplies company that focuses on the latest biotechnologies in the medical field in general and dental field in particular. We have sourced the globe for the latest cutting edge products and devices from leading world class manufacturers in evidence based medicine and dentistry.

Our Board of Directors are professional clinicians and world respected surgeons with more than 30 years of experience in the Dental & Medical industries. As clinical practitioners, we know the challenges that face the clinician’s on day to day basis and we understand their concerns; therefore developing solutions by providing our clientele with value and cost effective Product options. Our products are approved by experienced clinicians, a core fundamental for the success of our journey.

Our team of highly qualified Clinicians, Surgeons, investors and business managers bring years of wealth in experience in the dental field. At Euro Biotechnologies what make us unique is our core values and services.

Are you looking for a predictable Implant dentistry?

Do you have a compromised Patient case?


After 15 years of research, the surface which accelerates the biological stability has arrived


Look no further than Klockner Implant Systems with its unique contacTi Surface

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*Klockner First Case Offer Terms & Conditions
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Tissue-Level Implant + Prosthetic Abutment

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Bone-Level Implant

Prosthetic Abutment

Klockner Essential Cone implant
Klockner VEGA Implant
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Non-Stop to a perfect Endo



New Benchmarks for Efficiency and Performance in Endodontics. The perfect solution with EndoMotor, ApexLocator, Ultrasonic, Rinsing and Obturation! its your choice. 


All 8 Functions in only one machine by the German manufacturer Schlumbohm GmbH in the world!!

Now the EndoPilot series in a fresh design. Look forward to try and test the sophisticated technology with a clear menu for your root canal treatments with the EndoPilot².

The EndoPilot² range offers proven, high-quality, safe and efficient root canal treatment, from preparation to final thermoplastic filling according to the latest endodontic requirements.

All necessary steps of a root canal treatment can be carried out with only one comfortable, space- saving control unit.


The EndoPilot² series has also been developed modularly, it is available and upgradeable in various configurations. Up to 7 functions are possible. An upgrade, for e.g. with Obturation can be easily done by the user.

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The EndoPilot²

  • Modern, stylish design

  • Complete files library from most manufactures are included with their parameters, no need to change the settings

  •  7“ color touch screen with front glass •    Large lithium-ion battery (up to 16 hours operational time)

  • Fast charging function

  • Easy software update via microSD card •

  • DownPack connection fully integrated (no changeover required)

  • Improved sound output with sound effects

  •  Concealed cable routing

  • High quality metal holder

  • Bluetooth wireless footswitch

  • New intuitive menu navigation

  • Modularly expandable

  •  Flexible to use

  • Compatible with predecessor model

EndoPilot 2 Catalogue
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  Apex            Motor        DownPack       BackFill         UltraSonic        Battery         Wireless           Pump

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The medical device that monitors the osseointegration process and allows reducing treatment times and treating patients at risk.

What is Penguin RFA?

It is a product manufactures in Sweden by the company Integration and Diagnostics, leaded by Prof. Lars Sennerby and Dr. Anders Petersson. Both have been perfecting the RFA technique used to measure implant stability since 1999. Penguin RFA is a medical device which is simple and easy handling, that measures implant stability and brings objectivity and predictability to the implant treatment. Penguin RFA shows by the means of ISQ values*

(Implant Stability Quotient) the stability of the implant at any stage of a treatment.

*ISQ values have close correlation with implant micro-movements. The RFA method and ISQ values are backed by more than 700 scientific articles.

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Why Penguin RFA ? 

Klockner Penguin RFA Catalogue
  1. RFA technique for primary stability analysis and  Monitor OsseointegrationIt allows to know in an objective an non-invasive way the implant stability, at any treatment phase, through the ISQ value (1 to 99 scale).

  2. Reduce treatment times and know the best moment for implant loading ideal for immediate and early loads.

  3. Manage Patients at risk when healing times are not predictable

  4. Simply measured ISQ results 

  5. Compatible with other devices and accessories

  6. Titanium MultipPegs which are Reusable and Autoclavable unlike other systems.

  7. Based on Scientific evidence The RFA method and its ISQ values are backed by more than 700 scientific publications

The toothpaste for people with dental implants
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Prevents gum infections and clean implant structures

Why Implaclean?

  • Safe for dental implant constructions

  • Unique and patented (radical-free safe active oxygen) technology

  • Lactoferrin

  • Low concentration of fluoride

  • Neutral pH value

  • Non-abrasive

  • Reduces oral malodour

  • Rcientifically supported

Discover the power of active oxygen and lactoferrin now



  • Helps with gum problems

  • Prevents and helps against peri-implantitis/periodontitis and gingivitis

  • Prevents sensitive teeth

  • Treats and prevents oral malodour

  • eliminates harmful bacteria

  • Fastens wound healing

  • Prevents color differences of natural teeth and implant crown

  • Prevents damaging of implants

  • bleaching effects

  • Fight caries and tooth decay

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