Euro Biotechnologies



Euro Biotechnologies is a global international distributor company for Medical and Dental devices and products. Our vision is to focus on the latest biotechnologies in the medical field in general and dental field in particular. We have sourced the globe for the latest cutting edge products and devices from leading world class manufacturers in evidence based medicine and dentistry.

Our Board of Directors are professional clinicians and world respected surgeons with more than 30 years of experience in the Dental & Medical industries. As clinical practitioners, we know the challenges that face the clinician’s on day to day basis and we understand their concerns; therefore developing solutions by providing our clientele with value and cost effective Product options. Our products are Manufactured by reputable medical and dental manufacturer worldwide and approved by experienced clinicians, a core fundamental for the success of our journey.

Our team of highly qualified Clinicians, Surgeons, investors and business managers bring years of wealth in experience in the dental field. At Euro Biotechnologies what make us unique is our core values and services.


We will excel in customer care beyond expectation and deliver a sustainable business model and services to our clients. We will also bring you the best of our world class business partners and suppliers from Europe; Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, UK and Portugal, America, Japan and support our local manufacturer here in Australia right to your Clinical environment.


All our products and devices have been handpicked after thorough research and investigation from our clinical team whom conducted site visits to our business partners and suppliers across Europe, United States, Australasia and Japan.

Our products have unique selling points of quality assurance, value segment and excellent support services. More importantly, our products and devised business model will prove to you that they are cost effective, high quality and of high profitability to the Clinicians. 


Our vision is to establish ourselves as a well respected and reputable medical & dental supplies company locally and across Australia. We honor professionalism, ethics and fast service. Our logistic partners are world class and they master time management and efficiency.

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