Why Essential Cone ® 0.7 and 1.5 Implants?

Essential ® Cone, the internal connection system for the KLOCKNER ® IMPLANT SYSTEM has been specially studied and designed to provide prosthetic and surgical solutions in implant dentistry. The Essential Cone implant is a double-threaded implant that inserts easily and permits addressing compromised anatomical areas thanks to the non-traumatic apex and variation of lengths. The progressive core serves to compact bone providing excellent primary stability even in low density bone.
Machined Collars
Allow for connection gaps t be placed supracrestal. The surface rugosity favours soft tissue sealing.
There are two options to choose from according to the situation, density and thickness of gingiva or prosthesis type: 
The 0.7 mm implant is for highly compromised anterior sections or translucent gingiva and/or thin gingiva [fine biotype].
The 1.5 mm implant is for posterior areas with or without esthetic limitations, gingival hypertrophy, and overdentures.
EC implant.jpg
EC 15 Machine collar.jpg
Cone 0.7 mm                  Cone 1.5 mm
essential cone 0,7 and 1,5 one pic.jpg
Internal Connection
Its cervical level design allows for placement following the Semi-Submerged Technique [SST] thus generating an optimal biological seal that prevents bone resorption induced by bacterial leakage through the connection gap.
6º Double Cone
This reduces prosthesis "leverage". It provides precision alignment of the abutment. It produces “cold welding" during final placement of the prosthesis, applying 30 Ncm torque.
It guarantees repositioning of the Octacone ®
20º Shoulder
It provides an excellent prosthetic fitting surface to the supra- structure. It distributes masticatory loads thus decreasing tension within the supra-structure.
EC octagon 20 deree soulder 6 degree dou
EC octagon 20 deree soulder 6 degree dou
Progressive Core

It provides easy implant insertion and optimal load distribution
Self-Taping Apex
This feature allows reaching compromised anatomical sites without endangering them
EC self taping PEX.jpg
Double Thread

Reduces the surgical time
EC double thread 1.jpg
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