Fast Fiber Disposable Tips
FastFiber Disposable Tips Pre -initiated tip with durable, peel- resistant coating

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FastFiber tips are disposable and autoclavable. It is ready to use, no need for fiber stripping and cutting. It saves your time and avoids cross-infection.

LAZON has developed a new pre-initiated tip with durable, peel-resistant black coating. The specially crafted coating withstands high temperature during laser cutting of up to hundreds of degrees, ensuring a smooth and fast surgical treatment.


Actually, the tip initiation by articulating paper or wood is not satisfied, as the pigmentation in the tip end is quickly burned off during laser surgery, resulting in a decrease of cutting efficiency. The operators have to initiate the tip again and again to continue the operation.

Three fiber diameters available: 200µm, 300µm, and 400µm, to meet various uses such as endodontics, periodontics and surgery.


      ●   Fast and convenient

      ●   Single use to prevent cross-infection

      ●   Pre-initiated tips optional with durable and peel-resistant coating

      ●   Three fiber diameters available: 200µm, 300µm, and 400µm

      ●   Autoclavable design

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