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The toothpaste for people with dental implants
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Implaclean® is sold in over 50 countries worldwide and recommended by oral surgeons, periodontists, general dentists and dental hygienists.

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Discover the power of active oxygen and lactoferrin now

Prevents gum infections and clean implant structures

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Pioneer in active oxygen toothpaste

Implaclean® was the first toothpaste that contains active oxygen. In 2007, Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. (A Dutch dental implant manufacturer) came up with the idea to use the patented Ardox-X® formula in a toothpaste.

The function of the toothpaste is to keep dental implant constructions clean, without negative effects. The patented Ardox-X® technology is combined with lactoferrin, which offers a vast array of benefits.

Implaclean, the toothpaste for people with dental implants


Ardox-X® has been patented worldwide. The unique technology was used to develop a toothpaste, that takes special care of oral hygiene and dental implants: Implaclean.

Dental implants need special care. We discourage the use of normal toothpastes, because their ingredients can damage the implants. Fluoride, pH-value, abrasives and bad oral hygiene can all affect the implant. Implaclean® does not contain abrasives, has a neutral pH-value and minimal amount of fluoride to prevent damaging the implant.

Active oxygen? 

Treatments using oxygen dates back to 1959 and the results are extraordinary. In 2006, Ardoz Healthcare B.V. was the first to discover and develop active oxygen technology. This active oxygen, named Ardox-X®, has been patented worldwide. This is one of the main ingredients in Implaclean that offers valuable benefits for oral healthcare.

Why Implaclean®?

Safe for dental implant constructions, unique anionic active oxygen technology, lactoferrin, low concentration of fluoride, neutral pH value, non-abrasive and scientifically supported.


Effecteviness against Anaerobic bacteria


Many oral diseases are associated with the presence of harmful bacteria. These bacteria live in a poor oxygen environment or an environment without oxygen. The characteristic of these

anaerobe micro-organisms is that oxygen forms a threat to them.


Known anaerobe bacteria                                            Related to           


Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans                      Parodontitis / peri-implantitis

Treponema denticola                                                    Gingivitis / peri-implantitis

Porphyromonas gingivalis                                             Parodontitis / peri-implantitis

Prevotella intermedia                                                    Gingivitis / peri-implantitis

Bacteroides forsythus                                                    Parodontitis

Streptococcus mutans                                                   Caries





The treatment of these oral diseases is mainly focused on the reduction of the pathogenic micro-organisms. In most cases this is reached by a better oral hygiene and professional teeth cleaning (deep cleaning).



Implaclean® Mechanism of Action


Implaclean® with active oxygen is a new generation toothpaste based on the patented Ardox-X® technology, which releases – during multiple hours – non-radical active oxygen in a controlled manner. Once the Implaclean® product is applied, the released anionic oxygen particles break through the cell wall of the bacteria which then disintegrate.

The active oxygen particle is highly volatile and so small that it penetrates into the deeper layers of the tissue which allows it to be effective in the whole treatment region.

Active oxygen is anatural component and ph neutral. It does not contain any alcohol, chemical disinfectants or peroxides.


The success of Implaclean® is due to the Ardox-X® technology, a molecular complex that donates radical-free (safe) active oxygen (O-). The use of safe oxygen for medical treatment has been used for over 50 years with hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) as the most well known treatment.

The therapeutic effects of HBOT in treating oral indications have been demonstrated in many

studies. Researchers have followed patients suffering from adult chronic periodontitis, examining the growth of micro flora in periodontal pockets. Results have shown that active oxygen in combination with scaling and root planning (SRP) substantially reduced the amount of gram-negative anaerobe bacteria of the sub gingival micro flora. Active oxygen also produces a range of beneficial therapeutic benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and angiogenic effects.


The active oxygen assures that plaque formation is prevented, teeth stay white and no deviations in color between the natural teeth and implant constructions occur over time.


Implaclean® also contains lactoferrin which is a protein that is present in saliva, tears, mucous and breast milk. In combination with active oxygen it has an antibacterial, antiparasitair and antiviral effect. Dangerous bacteria get no chance of survival in this way and the teeth and implants stay in optimal condition.


Research confirms that titanium can be damaged by a high concentration of fluoride. These days almost all toothpastes have high levels of fluoride (>1200 ppm F-). Implaclean® however contains a low level of fluoride (+/- 200 ppm F-) and is non-abrasive.





Implaclean® Effectiveness against Gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis


Besides good oral care and professional teeth cleaning, it can be necessary to reduce the

pathogenic bacteria with complementary products. Until now, chlorohexidine is the most known antiseptic (the “Gold Standard Treatment”). Chlorohexidine is an effective killer of bacteria. The disadvantage of chlorohexidine is that it kills all bacteria in the oral cavity, also the beneficial ones and thus disrupts the microbial balance of the body. Other side effects are the coloring of teeth and tongue and the change of taste, amongst others due to the burning of taste papilla.

Implaclean® helps the elimination of the harmful bacteria. It works for a long period and helps

the reduction of the growth of new bacteria. The condition of the gums will be better.

Implaclean® can also be recommended for the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis but also for the daily rinsing to help the gums to stay in a good condition.




Implaclean® Effectiveness against Caries / Tooth decay


Tooth decay is demineralization process of the tooth tissue. The demineralization is generated

by acids that are produced by certain bacteria (also referred to as ‘biofilm’), transformed out of sugars. One of the most acidogenic bacteria is the streptococcus mutans, a facultative anaerobe bacterium.


Active oxygen is capable to strongly reduce the amount of bacteria. In a study at the dental

school of the University of Nijmegen, it was found that the amount of streptococcus mutans

bacteria reduced with 70%.

Implaclean® Effectiveness against Oral malodour


Bad breath or oral malodour is a disease that is mainly being caused by the presence of

anearobe bacteria in the mouth. The most known bacteria related to oral malodour are the Fusobacterium nucleatum and the Porphyromonas gingivalis. These anaerobe bacteria produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) coming from the disintegration of proteins. These VSC's have a natural unpleasant smell. In a study of Prof. Dr. Lynch et al is was demonstrated that active

oxygen can oxidize the proteins and as a result strongly reduce the sulfur smell.

Implaclean® Effectiveness in Bleaching the teeth


Active oxygen has an oxidizing effect. This effect is responsible for the bleaching of dentine and the removal of coloring on the enamel. Different to peroxides, there are no free radicals formed during the oxidizing process which makes active oxygen safe for the enamel and gums.