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VEGA, The platform switching implant by Klockner Implant System for crestal level placement that allows individualizing the treatment of the soft tissues. Thanks to the development of its exclusive titanium OPTIMUM, VEGA has narrow diameters up to 3.0mm.


  • Designed to protect the crestal bone

  • OPTIMUM®, the new generation titanium

  • Easy insertion, high primary stability.

  • CONTACTI, the surface that the bone was waiting for.

  • Definitive Osseotintegration with upto 80% BIC in just 4 weeks*

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VEGA Surgical Quick Guide
VEGA Implant System


Soadco SL Klockner are leaders and pioneers in Spain with more than 1,300,000 implants placed since 1987. Our designs are at the forefront of global implantology. With our high manufacturing standards and under our two major pillars, SCIENCE and EDUCATION, we help doctors achieve excellency in their practice.





                    The new generation titanium

OPTIMUM is a project developed between the Titanium supplier ZAPP and Klockner Implant System that started in 2012

It consists of cold worked CP Titaniumgrade 4 which results in material hardening without modifying its composition.

Optimum increases the elastic limit and improves the mechanical properties in 64% compared to the same titanium without the treatment.


Bone availability is big challenge. Thanks to Optimum, Klockner Implant System has narrow implants (3.0mm) that offer the best guarantees.

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     The surface that the bone was waiting for.

     After 15 years of research, the surface which accelerates the biological       stability has arrived.

  • Super-fast biological stability. Assuring the definitive implant load in 4 weeks.

  • Ideal solution for immediate and early loads.

  • Greater predictability in patients at risk.

  • Obtained by two-step thermochemical treatment: Alumina particle bombardment + thermochemical treatment. (Alkaline immersion and heat treatment).

  • OPTIMUM®: Grade IV titanium developed by Klockner with excellent resistance to mechanical corrosion.

  • The thermochemical treatment covers implants’ surface with sodium titanate that, once in contact with blood and due to the sodium ion activity, forms an apatite layer with a totally stable union with the implant.

  • Surface topography reveals a Sa of 1.5 ± 0.1 µm and is optimized to minimize possible bacterial invasion.

  • Clinical Effects

  • Speeds up the biological stability, obtaining optimal ISQ values for implant loading in 4 weeks.

  • Ideal surface for immediate and early loads.

  • Recommended for treatments of patients at risk.

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Essential Cone, the implant by Klockner Implant System for soft tissue level placement with two heights of machined collar of 0.7 and 1.5mm and a unique connection that achieves a total immobilization of the abutments.

Why Essential Cone?

  • High quality biological sealing

  • Tight to Cone, total immobilisation of the prosthetic abutment

  • Shot Blasting by Klockner, Klockner Implant System surface since 1993

  • Excellent primary stability

Essential Cone Surgical Quick Guide
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Each of the prosthetic components of Klockner Implant System is based on the quality of the adjustment, which strengthens the union between implant and prosthetics.


Klockner Implant System creates the Prosthetic SETS in order to offer all the necessary abutments for a restoration of an implant in a single prosthetic solution.

A wide selection of cover screws, healing abutments, impression copings and implant replicas along with a versatile abutment selection ( temporary, straight angles from 0-30 degres, single and multi-units) with variety of materials to choose from (Ti, Co-Cr, Gold, Silver, PEKK, Esthetic and many more) 

Feel free to check the PDF files attached  below.

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VEGA Healing caps and Protective caps
VEGA Prosthetic System MV
VEGA Prosthetic System NV
VEGA Prosthetic System RV
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Essential Cone Prosthodontic Systems
Essential Cone Prosthetic Planning Kit
Essential Cone 6.0mm Prosthodontic System
Essential Cone Locator Prosthetic System
Essential Cone 12* Octacone degree Prosthodontic System
Essential Cone 4* Octacone degree Prosthodontic System

The KLOCKNER® implant system CAD-CAM, is a benchmark in the digital integration of dental treatments. check the above link for further details.