Each of the prosthetic components of Klockner Implant System is based on the quality of the adjustment, which strengthens the union between implant and prosthetics.


Klockner Implant System creates the Prosthetic SETS in order to offer all the necessary abutments for a restoration of an implant in a single prosthetic solution.

A wide selection of cover screws, healing abutments, impression copings and implant replicas along with a versatile abutment selection ( temporary, straight angles from 0-30 degres, single and multi-units) with variety of materials to choose from (Ti, Co-Cr, Gold, Silver, PEKK, Esthetic and many more) 

Feel free to check the PDF files attached  below.

VEGA logo klockner.jpg
VEGA Healing caps and Protective caps
VEGA Prosthetic System MV 3.0mm
VEGA Prosthetic System NV 3.5mm
VEGA Prosthetic System RV 4.0/4.5mm
VEGA Overdentures Prosthetic Systems
Cone Black Transp.png
Essential Cone Prosthodontic Systems
Essential Cone Prosthetic Planning Kit
Essential Cone 6.0mm Prosthodontic System
Essential Cone Locator Prosthetic System
Essential Cone 12* Octacone degree Prosthodontic System
Essential Cone 4* Octacone degree Prosthodontic System
Octacone 12.jpg
EC implant.jpg

The KLOCKNER® implant system CAD-CAM, is a benchmark in the digital integration of dental treatments. check the above link for further details.

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