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Euro Biotechnologies is a leading Medical and Dental Supplies company that focuses on the latest biotechnologies in the medical field in general and dental field in particular. We have sourced the globe for the latest cutting edge products and devices from leading world class manufacturers in evidence based medicine and dentistry.

Our Dental department provides cost effective Solutions in surgical dental Implantology, Laser Dentistry and Endodontics.

A) Implant Dentistry: Euro Biotechnologies is  the exclusive distributor of the Klockner Implant Systems . SOADCO S.L. is the company responsible for the development and manufacturing of Klockner System’s implants. Founded in 1987 and with its headquarters in Andorra, Klockner Implant System is a pioneer brand in dental implantology. Being a market leader and a benchmark in Spain and Portugal, Klockner Implant System has an extensive and international distributor network globally and here Australia wide.

We are currently working with few projects using our Klockner Implant Systems in private clinics, Government hospitals and local university institutions to provide our communities with cost effective treatment.


Euro Biotechnologies is the exclusive distributor of the  IMPLACLEAN TOOTHPASTE " the toothpaste for people with dental implants". In 2007, Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. (A Dutch dental implant manufacturer) came up with the idea to use the patented Ardox-X® formula in a toothpaste. Currently Implaclean toothpaste is avaialble globally and we ship this product Australia wide for dental clinics, in private and government clinics and local pharmacies.

B) Endodontics:

Euro Biotechnologies is the sole and exclusive distributor of Schlumbohm GmbH  including Endodoncitcs and Implantology products.

For more than 50 years, the German Schlumbohm GmbH company been manufacturing EndoPilot device, a revolutionary way for non-top Endodontics that helped hundreds of clinicians worldwide to perfect their treatment. Euro Biotechnologies is delighted to be the first globally in collaboration with Schlumbohm Manufacturer to introduce the EndoPilot2 devices in Australasia.

Our team of highly qualified Clinicians, Surgeons, investors and business managers bring years of wealth in experience in the dental field.

We know the challenges that face the clinician’s on day to day basis and we understand their concerns; therefore developing solutions by providing our clientele with value and cost effective product options. Our products are approved by experienced clinicians, a core fundamental for the success of our journey. We are always on the cutting edge of technology to bring our clients the latest products for their clinical environment. We also conduct site visits at our clients partners to help them with their needs and make the most of their purchased product. Clinics can visit and order products through our online store for ease of convenience. 

All of the above products can be ordered for trial and demonstration prior to purchase.

For any or collboration or if you are interested in any of our products, you can contact us on 1300 38 66 22 for a free demo or request an obligation free quote and one of our friendly staff will attend to you.

At Euro Biotechnologies what make us unique is our core values and services.



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