What is Penguin RFA?

It is a product manufactures in Sweden by the company Integration and Diagnostics, leaded by Prof. Lars Sennerby and Dr. Anders Petersson. Both have been perfecting the RFA technique used to measure implant stability since 1999. Penguin RFA is a medical device which is simple and easy handling, that measures implant stability and brings objectivity and predictability to the implant treatment. Penguin RFA shows by the means of ISQ values*

(Implant Stability Quotient) the stability of the implant at any stage of a treatment.

*ISQ values have close correlation with implant micro-movements. The RFA method and ISQ values are backed by more than 700 scientific articles.

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The medical device that monitors the osseointegration process and allows reducing treatment times and treating patients at risk.

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Why Penguin RFA ? 

  1. RFA technique for primary stability analysis and  Monitor OsseointegrationIt allows to know in an objective an non-invasive way the implant stability, at any treatment phase, through the ISQ value (1 to 99 scale).

  2. Reduce treatment times and know the best moment for implant loading ideal for immediate and early loads.

  3. Manage Patients at risk when healing times are not predictable

  4. Simply measured ISQ results 

  5. Compatible with other devices and accessories

  6. Titanium MultipPegs which are Reusable and Autoclavable unlike other systems.

  7. Based on Scientific evidence The RFA method and its ISQ values are backed by more than 700 scientific publications