Why VEGA® ?

VEGA®, the internal connection implant system of the KLOCKNER® IMPLANT SYSTEM, has been especially conceived and designed by SOADCO for all those surgical and prosthetic treatments that require working with implants at bone level. The dental implant's main indication is dental restoration in esthetic zones, since its design allows maintenance of the crestal bone and guarantees correct sealing of the peri-implant
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Platform Switching

The crestal area has been designed to achieve biological sealing according to the platform switching principle, generating optimum biological sealing to prevent bone reabsorption caused by bacterial infiltration through the connection gap. The platform switching dimensions for the different implants are:


Facilitation of clinical handling and correct positioning of the prosthetic components thanks to its good tactile sensation. · Optimization of the precision of fit between the hexagon of the internal connection of the implant and the hexagon of the abutments. · Minimization of the rotational movements between the implant and the prosthetic components.

The sizes of the internal hex are:

External Cone

The conical design of the implant in its coronal portion allows a better distribution of loads to the adjacent bone tissue. The microgrooves dissipate stress in the crestal portion when the loading of the implant occurs, thereby helping to maintain the level of marginal bone.


The internal cone of the VEGA® implant has been designed with an angulation of 10º, which allows: · -Optimization of the adjustment between the implant cone and the prosthetic abutment cone. · Increased mechanical stability and homogeneous distribution of the loading forces during the work phases. · High resistance of the implant-abutment junction to micro-movements. · Facilitation of insertion and guidance of the different abutments. · Tight sealing after tightening of the prosthetic abutments prevents bacterial colonization within the implant, by minimizing interface between the implant and the abutment.

VEGA implant diameters.jpg
VEGA implant diameters.jpg
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VEGA hex Diameters.jpg
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       Bone Threading

The VEGA® implant has double spiral threading, and is easy to insert. This makes it possible to work in particularly sensitive anatomical areas, thanks to the atraumatic design of the apical zone and the different available lengths. The progressive core acts as a compactor, affording great primary stability even in low density bone. Thanks to its design and due consideration of the physiological principles of the tissues, the implant

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The VEGA® implant has the option of contacTi surface which took almost 15 years of research of development. The surafce contacTi accelerates the  the biological stability and assuring defintive implant load in 4 weeks with bigger contact bone-implant  upto 80%. Its an ideal solution for patients at risk, immediate and early loading cases. It promotes the spontanous formation of hydroxyapetite as the implant comes into contact with the blood, therefore selective protein adsorption capacity that promotes bone growth giving greater predictability.

The VEGA® implant is made of OPTIMUM® new generation titanium. Development and application of the new titanium has made it possible to increase the elastic limit, with a 64% improvement in mechanical properties across the entire VEGA® implant range. Our Shot Blasting treatment affords a larger bone apposition surface area with improved stability. Acid passivation forms a stable titanium oxide layer that prevents the release of ions into the physiological medium. 

Development of the VEGA® MV 3.0 mm implant offers professionals the possibility of restoring limited dental spaces in the anterior sectors, with full mechanical guarantees. These use of these implants in other locations is not advised, unless they are splinted or joined by the prosthesis to other implants of greater diameter.

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