Whitening Handpiece
World's first full mouth flat- top whitening handpiece
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Long and non-uniform laser irradiation will seriously increase pulp chamber temperature during laser teeth whitening. It may cause irreversible pulpal damage once it exceeds critical temperature increase of 5.5°C.

SOLASE laser provides the world's first full-mouth laser whitening handpiece. It can cover the entire mouth at once and significantly reduce the laser irradiation time to 1/4 of the conventional handpiece, which can only cover 1/4 mouth of teeth. Shorter treatment time will effectively alleviate the patient's discomfort and improve the safety.

We also make an exclusive flat-top design to ensure uniform laser illumination, guaranteeing the same bleaching effect for every tooth. It can effectively prevent pulpal damage due to intense local illumination during laser whitening. The uniform laser illumination makes the handpiece also very suitable for the application of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).


      ●   Full mouth whitening to reduce 75% irradiation time

      ●   Flat top laser spot with excellent uniform illumination

      ●   All metal construction, rugged and durable

      ●   Autoclavable whitening shield to prevent cross-infection

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Laser spot of whitening handpiece from LAZON:

Large and Uniform

whitening laser spot from others small n

Laser spot of whitening handpiece from others:

Small and Non-Uniform